Sophie Shrug PDF Sewing Pattern

New Designs

I have been working very enthusiastically on a few new patterns this past week! Inspired by the change in season and the ability to now go outside in lighter clothing, I have been very keen to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. Here you can find the Olivia Top, Agatha Dress, Lily Cardigan, Karli […]

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Preemie Baby Romper suit design

Here is one of the designs I have been working on for premature babies. This one fits a little more snug than the others I have made and can be opened up all down the center front and down the legs. I found these great snaps that are so quick and easy to use and […]

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Preemie Baby Outfit

Since the early birth of my step-sister’s baby Jarrod, I have been working on some little outfits which would fit his smaller than usual size. He really needed little hats to keep his head warm, as the smallest baby ones we could find were still too big for him!   Each outfit needed to be […]

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Dog Pyjamas

Yes it may sound crazy, but I have made dog pyjamas. They are a massive hit with little Louis! It seems there are just some dogs who adore wearing clothes, Louis is one of them. He has a drawer in the kitchen dedicated to his clothing, which when opened, even slightly, even if he is […]

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Hooded Jumper Dress

Thank you so much to Rebecca who sent in her images of the Hooded Jumper Dress PDF Sewing Pattern, such amazing fabric! 😀

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Close Fit Jersey Tee Block PDF Sewing Pattern

Close Fit Jersey Tee Block for Children’s Wear

This is a close fitting jersey block for children’s wear. You can use it to design vests, t-shirts and tops that require a stretchy fabric. The pattern comes without seam allowances or a tutorial as it is a template for you to create a new design. Seam allowances should be added once the new design […]

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Close Fitting Non-Stretch Bodice Blocks

I love designing clothes, but to do so I need a block pattern. This is a basic template for a certain type of garment fitting and for a certain type of fabric. The Close Fitting Non-Stretch Bodice Block is just as it says it is. Use it for any type of garment you are planning […]

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Marisa Monokini Design

I have just completed the first Marisa Monokini mock up. Using the same techniques as my other swimsuit patterns this one came together like a dream! It matches the bikini which I wrote about earlier. All that is left now is to test drive it, afternoon at the pool it is then!

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Open-Sleeved Dress Design for Summer

The Georgianna Dress I designed this dress a year or so ago now. I wanted something with sleeves but something that would look elegant and breezy, intending to wear it on a warm day. The result was a straight cut chiffon dress with open slit sleeves with a similar opening from the nape to the […]

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Bikini Design

  I LOVE making swimwear! As much as I love swimming. As with all my swimsuit patterns this bikini is reversible (I like to conceal the seams) and features ties on the hips, back and neck. This fabric print is so cute, I am going to end up with so many suits out of it! […]

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