Every pattern download comes with complete instructions for making up your garment, however they are only in English. We are uploading all garment tutorials to the website so all of our customers can enjoy their pattern tutorial in their own language. You can also find the button to open or save the tutorial as a PDF or print it directly. All pattern download tutorials also have full colour images, some of our online tutorials are still waiting to have their images uploaded. Please check back soon if you don’t find the tutorial you were looking for as it will be uploaded here shortly! Many thanks for your patience.

Freya Dress Tutorial

Olivia Open Back Top Tutorial

Olivia Open Back Top Tutorial

Sophie Shrug Tutorial

Sophie Shrug Tutorial

Harry Romper Tutorial for Babies

Harry Romper Tutorial for Children

Jessica Knot Hat Tutorial

Jessica Hood Hat Tutorial

Jessica Beanie Hat Tutorial

Princess Elsa Frozen Dress Tutorial

Juliana Skirt Tutorial

Arabella Top Tutorial

Lorelei Bra Tutorial

Lorelei Bra Tutorial

Lily Waterfall Cardigan Tutorial

Karli Dress Tutorial

Karli Dress Tutorial

Agatha Dress Tutorial

Georgia Chaps Tutorial

Molly Romper Tutorial

Nellie Romper Tutorial

Jessica Preemie Romper Tutorial

Adaptation for Dog Harness / Lead Tutorial

Bella Pyjamas for Dogs Tutorial

Rascal Jacket Tutorial

Cheryl Bra Tutorial

Jedi Cloak Tutorial

Jennie Dress Tutorial

Fido Jumper Tutorial

Jasra Tee for Dogs Tutorial

Trixie Gilet for Dogs Tutorial

Jasper Jacket for Dogs Tutorial

Penelope Dress Tutorial

Bunny Rabbit Costume Playsuit Pyjama Tutorial

Lamb Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial

Chick Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial

KITTEN – Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial

Toby Raglan Sleeve Jumper Tutorial

Georgianna Dress Tutorial

Annie Dress Tutorial

Marisa Bikini Tutorial

Marisa Monokini Tutorial

Christina Tunic Tutorial

Louise Dress Tutorial

Garment Bag PDF Sewing Pattern Tutorial

Garment Bag Tutorial

Isabel Handkerchief Dress PDF Sewing Pattern for Women - The Tailoress

Isabel Dress (Adult size) Tutorial

Jessie Leggings PDF Sewing Pattern - Child - The Tailoress

Jessie Leggings – Child

Hermia Regency Dress / Costume Tutorial

Children's Handkerchief Dress PDF Sewing Pattern Tutorial - The Tailoress

Isabel Handkerchief Dress Tutorial

Esta Jumper Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

Aya Camisole Dress PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress

Aya Camisole Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern

Aya Camisole Dress PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress

Aya Camisole Top Tutorial

Aya Camisole Dress PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress

Aya Camisole Dress Tutorial

Welt Pocket Tutorial - The Tailoress

Welt Pocket Tutorial

Annabelle Tunic Tutorial

Nautical Baby Blanket PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress

Nautical Baby Blanket Tutorial

Patchwork Apron Tutorial

Safari Baby Blanket 2 Tutorial

Santa Cape Tutorial

V-Neck Swimsuit Tutorial

Safari Baby Blanket 1 Tutorial

Beanbag Chair Tutorial

Long Body Contour Dress Tutorial

Hooded Jumper Dress Tutorial

Adjustable Bra Strap Tutorial

Libi Dress Tutorial

Dandelion Handkerchief Top

Guitar Case Tutorial

Corset Tutorial

Chef Hat Tutorial

Jersey Bra Tutorial

Quilted Advent Calendar Tutorial

Jersey Vest Top Tutorial

Stretch Lace Bodice with Corset Tutorial

Jersey French Knickers Tutorial

Athena Cowl Dress Tutorial

Barbara Monokini Tutorial

Angela V-Neck Top Tutorial

Josie Sway Back Top Tutorial

Alice Monokini Tutorial

Fabric Roses Tutorial

Heidi Rose Flower Bridesmaid Dress Tutorial

Heidi Rose Flower Headband Tutorial

Ellie Tank & Crop Top 2 Tutorial

Ellie Tank & Crop Top 1 Tutorial

Tatiana Skirt Tutorial

Caitlyn Leggings Tutorial

Barbara Tunic Tutorial

Frane Jumper Dress Tutorial

Jessie Leggings Tutorial



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