Beanbag Chair PDF Pattern

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Beanbag Chair PDF Pattern

Easy peasy beanbag chair pdf pattern. In four sizes ranging from extra small (for very little bums) to extra large (for sharing!)

Download comes complete with printing instructions, full colour tutorial, sewing advice sheets as well as the PDF pattern.

Sizing Chart - The Tailoress

Pattern comes as a fullscale copyshop PDF document which can be printed on any size paper using Adobe Reader to poster print. Also available broken up onto A4 and US letter sized pages. The separate pages have page numbers and markers to help you align each page correctly after printing.

Please view the Printing Instructions to find out how to accurately print your pattern to scale.

LARGE: Copyshop size: 129cm x 196cm / A4 pages: 56 / US Letter: 56

MEDIUM: Copyshop size: 100cm x 140cm / A4 Pages: 36 / US Letter: 30

SMALL: Copyshop size: 87cm x 110cm / A4 Pages: 20 / US Letter: 25

XSMALL: Copyshop size: 83cm x 58cm / A4 pages: 15 / US Letter: 15

Please note that all pattern downloads are in English, however you may view the tutorial here in your chosen language by selecting “TRANSLATE” in the upper right of any page and selecting your preferred language.

Beanbag Chair Tutorial


Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress1

Cut out all pieces. Begin by folding the darts in the Top Back piece. Pin and stitch.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress2

Pin the Top Back onto the top of the Bottom piece and stitch. Start by placing a pinning the centre then the edges, ease the rest in place.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress10

Pin and stitch the centre front and centre top of the Side Panel pieces right sides together.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress3

Pin and stitch the Back to the Side Panel. Begin pinning from the centre easing the rest around.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress4

Pin the Bottom piece to the Side Panel and back pieces. Mark the placement for the zip. Start stitching at the end of the zip point securing with a backstitch. When you reach the start of the zip point secure with backstitch then change stitch size to large and secure the zip seam.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress5

Pin and stitch the zip tape to the seam allowances between the marked area of the Side Panel and Bottom pieces. Use a zip foot to stitch close to the zipper. Ensure to leave the zip open a little to be able to access the temporary stitches.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress5

Carefully unpick the temporary stitches and open up the zip. Turn bag right sides out and top stitch around the zipper on the right side of the fabric. Secure across the ends.

Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress8

Take the top seat pieces that were previously joined and carefully pin them in place onto the lower part. Stitch.
Now pull the beanbag right sides out through the zip opening.


Beanbag Chair PDF Sewing Pattern - The Tailoress9

Repeat all previous steps to create an inner bag to hold the beans. Instead of marking for a large zip, mark for a small 20cm zip along the center front where the side panel and bottom pieces join. Then go ahead and fill up your beanbag!

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