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Create beautiful fabric roses to adorn dresses, headbands, anything you can think of really!

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Create beautiful fabric roses to adorn dresses, headbands, anything you can think of really!

Each rose comprises of 20 petals individually hand sewn together.

Download comes complete with the roses pattern in four different sizes as well as full colour instructions on how to piece them together.

These roses also feature in the Heidi Dress and Heidi Headband.

Sizing Chart - The Tailoress

Pattern comes as a fullscale copyshop PDF document which can be printed on any size paper using Adobe Reader to poster print. Also available broken up onto A4 pages. The separate A4 pages have page numbers and markers to help you align each page correctly after printing.

Please view the Printing Instructions to find out how to accurately print your pattern to scale.

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Fabric Roses Tutorial


Fabric Roses Tutorial


Cut strips of your chosen synthetic fabric and fold up multiple times.

Place one of the petal pattern pieces and cut around.

Repeat this step for each petal size until you have the required amount.

Fabric Roses Tutorial

The amount you will need depends on the quantity of flowers you want to make!

You will need 20 petals per flower, 5 of each size.

Fabric Roses Tutorial

To ensure your petals don’t fray and to give them there natural look, singe the edges over a candle flame.

They only need a second or two over the flame. Don’t put them in the flame!

Use an overlocker tweezer to hold the petals over the flame to avoid burning yourself.

Take necessary precautions when using a lit candle.

Fabric Roses Tutorial

Your petals should now all look quite natural!

Fabric Roses Tutorial

To make the flower, begin with the largest petals.

Place one on top of another. Make a knot at the base. Hand sew from bottom to top. Place one stitch though each petal sewing back and forth bottom to top.

Fan the petals out evenly.

Fabric Roses Tutorial

Sew five of each petal beginning with the largest and ending with the smallest.

Fabric Roses Tutorial

Once you have sewn together all 20 petals secure with a knot on the base.

Your flower is now ready!



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