Nguvo Bag PDF Sewing romance – 4 hukuru (Child kuna Adult)

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With the advent of Christmas, there are going to be a lot of nativity dress rehearsals and evenings out. It is only a matter of time before the pure white angel dress gets dropped in a puddle and ruined! saka, to avoid any mishaps, I created this luxury waterproof garment bag so my step-daughters dresses can get shimmied from one location to the other, without any mishaps!

The children sizes are suitable for use with a child’s clothes hanger. The design features a loop at the bottom so that the bag can be folded in half for ease of transport.

Pattern includes sizes for 0-4 years / 5-10 years / 11-14 years / ADULT

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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Garment Bag PDF Sewing Pattern - 4 SIZES (Child to Adult)

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Garment Bag PDF Sewing Pattern - 4 SIZES (Child to Adult)





The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Garment Bag PDF Sewing Pattern - 4 SIZES (Child to Adult)

Romance runouya fullscale copyshop PDF gwaro iyo inogona kudhindwa musi upi saizi papepa achishandisa Adobe Reader kuti posita anodhinda. Uyewo iripo yarega pana A4 mapeji. The vakaparadzana A4 mapeji vane peji nhamba uye zvezvinangwa kukubatsira swatanudza peji imwe neimwe zvakarurama pashure kudhindwa.

Please kuona Printing Instructions kuti uzive kuti zvakarurama kudhinda muenzaniso wenyu kuti kukwira.

Copyshop saizi:
0-4: 58cmx 117cm
5-10: 68cm x 155cm
11-14: 75cm x 200cm
ADULT: 85cm x 250cm

A4 mapeji:
0-4: 15 pages
5-10: 24 pages
11-14: 32 pages
ADULT: 50 pages

US Letter:
0-4: 15 pages
5-10: 24 pages
11-14: 32 pages
Adult: 50 pages

Tapota cherechedza kuti zvose muenzaniso download vari Chirungu, Zvisinei unogona kuona Tutorial pano mumutauro wako akasarudzwa kusarudza mutauro wako Zvinosarudzwa nekudzvanya “turikira” kumusoro kodzero upi peji uye kusarudza mutauro wako nzvimbo kubva donhwe pasi Muterere.

Garment Bag Tutorial
The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Garment Bag Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Garment Bag Tutorial

Cut out all the main garment bag pieces and the lining pieces (use the same pieces to cut the lining pieces).

Begin by cutting out the BACK piece. Then divide the BACK pattern piece into 3 by cutting down and across the dashed lines. Remember to add 1.5cm seam allowance to the lower edges of FRONT 1 and FRONT 2 and the upper edge of FRONT 3 before cutting out the fabric.

Lay the lining and main fabric of FRONT 1 WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Apply the bias binding to the CENTER FRONT.

Instead of using pins to hold the oilcloth and lining fabric in place, use paperclips or fabric tape. Remove paperclips as you sew to avoid breaking a needle.

Repeat for FRONT 2

Lay one half of the zipper tape along the inside CENTER FRONT of FRONT 1, lining up to the edge of the bias binding and stitch in place. Stitch from bottom to top.

Repeat for FRONT 2 (stitching from bottom to top again) and zip up.

You may like to backstitch over the tops and the end of the zip to avoid the runner coming off.

Lay FRONT 3 RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER with FRONT 1 and FRONT 2 (with the zip closed).

Stitch straight across including the zip.

Trim the seam allowance including the zip.

Trim with the bias binding.

Turn to the RIGHT SIDE and topstitch to secure and neaten the seam.

Lay the outer SIDE fabric RIGHt SIDES TOGETHER and stitch the seam allowance along the BOTTOM. Repeat for the lining SIDE fabric.

Lay the SIDE lining and outer fabric pieces WRONG SIDES TOGETHER and stitch all around within the seam allowance to secure them together.

Finish the TOP ends of the SIDE with bias binding.

Lay the lining and outer fabric BACK pieces WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Using strong cord or tape, create loops for clothes hangers on the top center. Stitch in place.


Temporarily secure using your preferred method (tape or paperclips) and stitch to the seam allowance.

Repeat Step 10 for the FRONT and SIDE pieces.

Trim the seam allowances to approximately 75mm.

Using the same cord you used for the loops, create another on the BOTTOM FRONT of the garment bag.

You can use this to fold the garment bag in half and loop over the clothes hanger for easier storage or carrying.

Complete by adding bias binding to the BACK and FRONT SIDE seams. Continue the binding to the zip at the TOP CENTER FRONT.

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