V-Neck Swimsuit Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - V-Neck Swimsuit Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - V-Neck Swimsuit Tutorial


ตัดออกทุกชิ้นรูปแบบ. Cut centre front and centre back on the fold.

You will need to cut two of each piece (except the inner gusset piece). The swimsuit is reversible and we will be concealing all the seams inside. Consider this when choosing your fabrics as you will be able to use two colours it you prefer!

TIP: When you first make this swimsuit, you could baste before stitching all the elastic and seams to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

Place Right Sides of the Back Ties together and pin elastic to the lengths. Leave the ends without elastic.

Stitch over the elastic using a ball point machine needle on a zig-zag stitch approx. 5mm x 5mm (alter according to the width of your elastic. 5mm elastic will work well). Ensure to double stitch the elastic ends.

Zig-zag the end of the Back Tie together but leave the end to be inserted open. Use the open end to pull RS out.

Create the Front Tie Loops for the front of the swimsuit by stitching up the length of each piece and turn RS out.

These will be folded in half, concealing the seam and placed between the seam allowances for the Front of the swimsuit at the Tie Loops Insertion Point.

Lay the two Back pieces RS together. Place the Back Ties into the Tie Insertion Points between the two Back pieces.

Pin lengths of elastic to the leg seams and the inner curve seams. Double stitch over the beginning and ends of where the ties join.

Ensure to keep the elastic within the seam allowance of the adjoining seam allowance. This will avoid bulkiness in the seam once turned to the RS. Ensure to do this for all subsequent seams. When you go to stitch the adjoining seam allowance, the stitch line will pass at the ends of the elastic.

You must however, stitch from the very ends of the fabric and onto the elastic.

Stitch using zig-zag and then trim the seam allowance close to the elastic.

ทำซ้ำขั้นตอน 4-5 with the Front adding the Gusset piece to the Wrong Side of the fabric (so it will be on top as in the picture). Add the two Front Tie Loops into the seam allowance at the top of the v-neckline.

Double stitch the Front Tie Loops to ensure they remain secure.

When arranging elastic to the v-neckline, stop the elastic at right angles to the seam allowance on either side. Double stitch the v-point where there is no elastic.

Turn the back RS out through the crotch opening.

Place the Back piece inside the Front piece, อาร์เอสร่วมกัน. Insert through the crotch.

Pin side seams together ensuring to match all of the fabrics accurately. Ensure to match the seemliness as flawlessly as possible at the underarm ad side leg points.

Zig-zag the seam and secure well at beginning and end.

Stitch the touching Front and Back crotch seams together. Leave one crotch seam open to turn swimsuit RS out.

Turn the swimsuit RS out through the open crotch seam.

Turn over the Front seam allowance of the crotch seam and pin onto the Back crotch seam allowance. Stitch using a ballpoint needle and fell stitch.

Create the Ties by following the Ties and Straps Tutorial. You don’t have to top-stitch and press the Ties as shown in Step 3.

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