Barbara Monokini Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Barbara Monokini Tutorial

Place the Top Front lining and outer pieces Right Sides together.

Pin elastic along the lines shown in the image.

Ensure to leave a 1.5cm gap between the neckline seam and the side seams. This is to allow the Tie to be threaded through.

Stitch using zig zag stitch. Trim seam.

TIP: Use a ballpoint needle for stretch fabrics to save a lot of problems with stitch formation!

Lay the inner and outer Front pieces RS together.

Pin elastic along the lines shown in the image.

Stitch using zig zag stitch. Trim seam.

Repeat Step 2 for the inner and outer Back pieces.

Fold the Waistband in half RS together and straight stitch along the Centre Back seam allowance to form the waistband.

Repeat for the inner Waistband piece.

With the Top Front RS out, use the largest stitch on your sewing machine or a hand stitch to run a row along the lower edge (through both inner and outer pieces).Do not secure either end with a backstitch or knot.

Secure one end of the thread using a figure of eight around a pin then gently gather the rest until it measures one halt the top measurement of the Front bikini bottom, less 2cm.

With RS together, pin the gathered edge of the Top Front to the top edge of the Waistband. Start by matching the Top Front Centre Front to 2cm away from the CF on the waistband.

Repeat for the other Top Front.

Straight stitch both Top Front pieces in place 0.75cm into the seam allowance.

Place the inner Waistband RS together with the Inner Top Front sections. Pin all the way around encasing the Top Front pieces and forming the top seam allowance of the Waistband. Stitch the seam with elastic using zig zag stitch

To connect the Front and Back pieces, open up the Left side seam of the Front and place RS together with the corresponding open side seams of the Back. Pin and straight stitch across. Repeat for the other side.

Clip seam intersections and trim the seam allowances.

The two pieces should now be connected but allow you to open the top hip area.

Place the Skirt pieces RS together.

Straight stitch along the lines shown. Trim seam. Turn RS out.

Match CF points of lower Waistband and Skirt. Pin Skirt RS together with Waistband. Stitch using Zig Zag 0.75cm into seam allowance. You may like to continue this line of stitches all around to keep the waistband together ready for the next step.

Turn RS out.

Turn Top Front with Waistband and Skirt WS out. Place RS together and around the bottoms. Pin and stitch the RS top garment to the bottoms; leave the WS part of the garment unattached to the bottoms.

Carefully tuck under the seam allowance of the RS Waistband and pin into place onto the bottoms. Use a short slip stitch to secure by hand.

With the bottoms WS out, pin and stitch the RS FRONT and BACK garment crotch seam allowance.

With the garment still WS out, fold the WS BACK crotch seam allowance under and pin over the FRONT WS seam.

Secure using a short slip stitch.

Fold the Tie in half. Place a length of string within and straight stitch in place at one end of the Tie. Change to zig zag stitch and stitch along the seam allowance. Once you get to the other end leave it open.

Gently pull the string and help guide the Tie to turn RS out.

Thread through the spaces in the Top Front necklines to create the neck tie.

Complete by using Fell Stitch by hand to secure the open crotch and Tie seam.

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