Бэла Піжама для сабак PDF выкрайкі

There’s nothing better than curling up in your favourite pj’s on a cold day, now your pet can join in too!

The Bella Pyjamas are an all-in-one suit that can be made with or without a hood and with or without a front opening. The pattern has the adaptation to include a button stand down the center front for ease of getting the garment on your pet. Choose to create a cute hood or instead trim with a jersey cuff.

An opening features around the tail and up to the chest on the underside to allow your pet to go to the toilet without messing up his lovely pyjamas!

Use jersey or fleece fabric for maximum comfort.

Download comes complete with a colour tutorial and the pattern.


сабака Памеры

МАЛЫ (1-6), MEDIUM (7-12), ВЯЛІКІ (13-18), УСЕ ПАМЕРЫ

3 reviews for Бэла Піжама для сабак PDF выкрайкі

  1. 2amberhounds (правераны ўладальнік)

    I don’t normally make clothes so I got a little confused with some aspects of the pattern but Emma has been truly fantastic! When I emailed to ask for some help I didn’t expect much given the price of the pattern but she went above and beyondshe altered the pattern to fit my greyhounds and the tutorial so I understood it better. After that she continued to offer advice and support at each step of creation getting in touch within a few hours.

  2. Caroline (правераны ўладальнік)

    The pattern worked great! It took me a while to understand the different sizing options but the video and tutorial are most helpful! It’s still a little long but will absolutely work for my mastiff mix (памер 13, chest B)! I added my own turtle neck to cover her ears when it’s really cold.

  3. Dagmar (правераны ўладальнік)

    These Pyjamas are sooo beautyful and useful. My old Dalmatianlady (14,5 гадоў) need it warm cause of her arthritis. And she looks so sweet in these Pyjamas 😍🥰

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Бэла Піжама для сабак PDF выкрайкі
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