Крыс Ці Вучэбны дапаможнік

Крыс Ці Вучэбны дапаможнік

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Chris Tee Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Chris Tee Tutorial

Малюнка даступныя ў шаблоне загрузкі.

1.5дапаможнік см шво ўключаны
Begin by laying the FRONT RIGHT SIDES together with the BACK.

Align the shoulder seam allowances.

шпілька, stitch and finish using zig-zag stitch or an overlocker.

Open up the FRONT and BACK sections with the RIGHT SIDES towards you.

Find the midpoint of the SLEEVE head and match RIGHT SIDES together with the shoulder seam line on the main garment.

Ease the rest of the SLEEVE head around. Палец на месцы.

Stitch and finish as before.

Lay the FRONT and BACK RIGHT SIDES together and align the SLEEVE seam allowances.

Pin and stitch from the SLEEVE cuff to the main garment hemline.

Ensure to match seam lines at the underarm point.

Fold in half the NECK CUFF RIGHT SIDES together and sew the short seam allowance.

Fold the NECK CUFF in half so that the raw edges meet.

Ease around the garment neckline. Pin і шывок на месцы.

Complete the garment hem and cuffs by finishing the seam allowance, then folding it back 1.5cm and top-stitching to secure.

Націсніце ўсе швы.


Download the CHRIS TEE PDF Sewing Pattern here