Joey Tee Tutorial

Joey Tee Tutorial

Joey Tee Tutorial - The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns


Изображенията са на разположение в изтеглянето на модел.

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Cut out all pieces marking any balance or ease marks. This garment will have reasonable stretch to it so it is recommended to use zig-zag stitch wherever a seam is constructed.

Lay the front edge of the SLEEVE armhole to the FRONT armhole, Дясната страна заедно.

Pin и бод резервите на шева.

Repeat for the other FRONT side.


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Lay the back SLEEVE armhole to the BACK armhole RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin и бод резервите на шева.

Repeat for the other BACK side.

Finish all sleeve seam allowances using an overlocker or zig-zag stitch. Подстригване, ако е необходимо.


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От облеклото опаковата страна извън, align the side seams and SLEEVE seams.

Pin and stitch continuously from SLEEVE cuff to the garment hem.

Finish the seam allowances as before.


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Fold in half the NECK CUFF RIGHT SIDES together and sew the short seam allowance.

Fold the NECK CUFF in half so that the raw edges meet.

Ease around the garment neckline. Pin и бод на място.

For HOOD see Steps 5-7.


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с качулка:
Поставят се два Худ парчета дясната страна заедно. Pin and stitch the center back seam allowance. Trim and finish the seam allowance with zig-zag stitch or an overlocking stitch.


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Complete the hood by folding the front opening seam allowance back 0.75mm then again 0.75mm. Pin and stitch in place to finish the seam.



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Ease the neckline of the HOOD on to the garment neckline. Overlap the centre front edges of the HOOD by 1.5cm onto each other.

Pin и бод. Завършете резервите на шева.

You may like to top-stitch the seam allowance flat towards the bottom of the garment.


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Complete the garment hem and cuffs by finishing the seam allowance, then folding it back 1.5cm and top-stitching to secure.

Натиснете всички шевове.




Download the JOEY TEE PDF Sewing Pattern here