Harry Romper Tutorial for Children

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Harry Romper Tutorial for Children

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Harry Romper Tutorial for Children

চিত্র প্যাটার্ন ডাউনলোড পাওয়া যায়.

মুদ্রণ করুন প্যাটার্ন টুকরা, টুকরা কোনো কেটে চেষ্টা করার আগে পেজ একসঙ্গে বিদ্ধ নিশ্চিত.

টুকরা কাটা দ্বারা শুরু করুন.

সিদ্ধান্ত নিন কিনা HOOD না ব্যবহার করুন অথবা এবং সঠিক খোলার কড়া প্যাটার্ন টুকরা কাটা.

Lay inner hood pieces right sides together, pin and stitch. Repeat with the outer hood pieces. স্তর ভাতা ছাঁটুন.

Lay the inner and outer hood pieces right sides together. Pin and stitch the hood opening leaving the neckline un-stitched. Grade the seam allowance and turn rights sides out

Lay the main FRONT and BACK pieces right sides together. পিন এবং কাঁধ, seams সেলাই. Finish with an over locker or zig-zag.

Fold the SLEEVE CUFF piece in half and pin onto the SLEEVE. সেলাই এবং স্তর ভাতা শেষ. Repeat for both sleeves.

Pin the SLEEVE right sides together with FRONT 1 এবং ফিরে, easing it into the armscye. Stitch and finish the seam. Repeat for the left side.

Pin and stitch from the sleeve cuff to the end of the leg of FRONT 1 only. স্তর শেষ.

Fold the LEG CUFF piece in half and ease onto the leg ends of FRONT 1 এবং ফিরে. স্তর ভাতা শেষ.

Pin and stitch the inner leg seam allowance of FRONT 1 and BACK together. স্তর ভাতা শেষ.

On the other side, pin and stitch FRONT 3 to BACK along the inside seam allowance.

Lay the two back pieces right sides together. Pin and stitch the center back, crotch and FRONT 3 to the other half of the garment. স্তর শেষ.

Attach the cuff to BACK and FRONT 2 as in step 8.

Pin and stitch the hood to the neckline,

Finish the HOOD seam allowance around the neckline.

Fold in half the OPENING CUFF and begin pinning starting at one of the lower leg opening seam allowances, একসঙ্গে ডান দিকের. Ease the OPENING CUFF around.

টিপ: fold the end seam allowances of the OPENING CUFF inside itself before pinning to hide the raw edge, or pin it to curve off the edge of the leg seam allowance to give it a rounded edge.

If you are using the HOOD, pin the OPENING CUFF from lower leg to lower leg going around the HOOD edge.

If you are not using the HOOD, simply continue the OPENING CUFF around the neckline and back down to the lower leg. Curve the OPENING CUFF at the neckline point instead of trying to get it into the angle.

Finish the seam allowance using zig zag stitch or an overlocker stitch.