Llicència d'ús

All The Tailoress® patterns can be used to produce a maximum of 50 peces físiques / articles per a la venda. Per produir més, si us plau, simplement tornar a comprar el patró d'extensió del permís de nou per un altre 50. This limit applies to each set of patterns, a total of 50 items can be made and sold from any variation of pattern sizes. Per exemple: Bella Pyjama size set 7-12 for dogs, a maximum of 50 items in total, not 50 items each size.

patrons, accompanying pattern files and their download links are strictly for the sole use of the purchaser and may not be shared or distributed in any way, freely or for financial compensation.

All patterns and their accompanying files are strictly copyright of The Tailoress® and may not in anyway (forma original o derivat) ser distribuït o venut en físicament, digitalment o d'una altra manera.