Marisa Monokini Swimsuit Tutorial



Tallar totes les peces del patró.

Lay the main fabric and lining fabric RIGHT SIDES together of the entire FRONT and BACK pieces.

Pin together. Stitch using zig-zag stitch or a stretch stitch on an overlocker.

Ensure to leave open the section for turning right sides out later and the TIE LOOP openings at the top.

Retallar els marges de costura.



Fold the TIE LOOPS in half following the dashed line on the pattern piece.

Sew the seam allowance.

Girar costats dret amb la línia de costura al centre intern.



Fold the TIE LOOPS in half lengthways matching the raw seam allowances. Insert the TIE LOOPS into the FRONT of the swimsuit, entre la tela interna i externa.

Pin and stitch the seam allowances.



Gira costats dret a terme.

Fold the seam allowances of the open section to the inside and sew using small whip stitches by hand.



There are 3 options for completing the TIES.

opció 1: Fold the TIE in half along its length RIGHT SIDES together. Place a length of string in-between. Sew across the top to secure the string to the TIE. Pin and sew the seam allowance. Carefully pull the string turning the TIE RIGHT SIDES out.

opció 2: Si teniu un girador de bucles:
Fold the TIE in half lengthways and sew the seam allowance. Gira costats dret a terme utilitzant un passador de costura.

opció 3: If you have a binder attachment you can use it with zig-zag stitch to create your ties.

Finish the TIE by turning the raw ends under twice and use small stitches to secure or by making a knot at each end. Insert one into each TIE LOOP to complete.