Jennifer Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Jennifer Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Jennifer Dress Tutorial

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1.5avà, cm cusgitura incluse
Begin by cutting out all the pieces. Overlock or finish with zig-zag stitch the lower edge of the BACK and FRONT FACING pieces and the side seams from the FRONT and BACK.

Aduprà punto zig,-zag, o altri punto tretu longu stu pruggettu. assicurà dinù à utilizà un rulli di machine jersey, ballpoint.

Pin and stitch the armhole and neckline front facing to the front garment piece, RIGHT SIDES together. Leave the shoulder seams unstitched. Repeat for the BACK FACING and BACK garment piece.

Clip è trim u allowances cusgitura.

At the cross section where the facings and side seams meet, trim the seam allowances from the facings and cut a notch close to the seam line where the bulk of the seams cross.

Lay the FRONT garment onto the BACK garment right sides together. Open up the FACING pieces so you can stitch continuously top to bottom of the side seam easing the FRONT onto BACK. Stop at the top of the SLIT OPENING.

Fold over the seam allowances to form the SIDE SLIT and pin in place.

Top stitch the slit seam allowances and press. Repeat step 6-7 for the hem.

Pin the shoulder seams RIGHT SIDES together. Stitch then trim and grade the seam allowance. Top stitch on the right side of the garment to secure.

Turn RIGHT SIDES out and press.

Top stitch close to the seam line all the way around the neckline and armholes to secure the FACING in place.

Complete the dress hem by creating a rolled hem, folding back 0.75mm then back again another

Pin in place and secure using zig-zag stitch (be very careful not to pull at the fabric more than necessary to avoid distorting it).

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