Giselle Kimono Tutorial

Giselle Kimono Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Giselle Kimono Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Giselle Kimono Tutorial



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With the TIES WRONG SIDES up, fold back 1cm of one end. Fold back 5mm along both of the long sides and press. Then fold the TIE in half concealing the raw edges previously turned in.

One end will remain a raw edge, this will be sewn into the garment side seam.

Lay the two COLLAR pieces RIGHT SIDES together.

Sew the top centre back seam allowances together. Press the seams open.

Fold the COLLAR RIGHT SIDES together lengthways. Sew the bottom seam allowances together. Clip the corner and trim the seam allowances. Otočte levou stranu ven a stiskněte.

Položte přední a zadní pravé strany dohromady. Pin and stitch the shoulder seam allowances.

Opakujte pro druhou stranu.

Lay the SHOULDER and SLEEVE RIGHT SIDES together as shown.

Pin a steh přídavek na šev.

Press the seam open. Repeat for the other SLEEVE and SHOULDER.

Lay the SHOULDER along the FRONT and BACK matching the UNDERARM points with the end of the SHOULDER piece.

Pin a steh. Press the seam open. Opakujte pro druhou stranu.

Decide which FRONT side you would like to overlap on the kimono. The side seam TIE will be inserted into the opposite side seam.

Položte přední a zadní pravé strany dohromady. Fold the SLEEVE and SHOULDER RIGHT SIDES together as shown.

Insert one of the TIES into the side seam allowance at the TIE INSERT POINT.

Pin and stitch from the SLEEVE SEAM POINT to the hem of the FRONT and BACK.

Clip the curved seam of the sleeve and corner points as shown. Press the seams.

Pin the remaining TIE to the TIE INSERT POINT on the FRONT opposite the other TIE already inserted.

Pin the COLLAR matching the seams on the back neckline and around to the COLLAR END POINTS on the FRONT.

Sew within the seam allowance.

Add the welt pockets into the FRONT lining pieces. (Refer to Welt Pocket Tutorial included).

Opakujte kroky 3,5 a 6 for the lining, substituting the SHOULDER and SLEEVE for the SLEEVE LINING piece and ignoring the use of the TIES.

Lay the main garment and lining RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Pin and stitch around the collar and centre front.

With the garment RIGHT SIDES out, fold the seam allowances of the hemline to the inside and use a hand stitch to secure.

Repeat for the open SLEEVE seam allowances.

Stiskněte oděv dokončit.


Download the GISELLE KIMONO PDF Sewing Pattern here