Kamilah siwmper Tiwtorial

Kamilah siwmper Tiwtorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Kamilah Sweater Tutorial

Delweddau ar gael yn y patrwm lawrlwytho.

Torrwch yr holl ddarnau patrwm.

Lay the FRONT RIGHT SIDES together with the BACK along the shoulder seam.

Pin a pwyth yn ei le.

Ensure to use a ballpoint jersey machine needle.

Fold the SLEEVE CUFF in half along its width.

Ease onto the end of the SLEEVE. Pin and stitch.

Open up the FRONT and BACK RIGHT SIDES towards you.

Ease the SLEEVE head on to the arm opening. Lay the SLEEVE RIGHT SIDES together with the FRONT and BACK. Pin to the underarm points of the side seams and the center of the SLEEVE head to the shoulder point. Ease the rest in.

Stitch and finish the seam allowance using zig zag stitch or an overlocker.

With the garment WRONG SIDES out, lay the FRONT and BACK RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin, stitch, trim and finish from the SLEEVE CUFF to the hem along the side seam.

Take the HEM CUFF and NECKLINE CUFF (refer to Step 5 if you are using the NECK WARMER CUFF) and fold in half RIGHT SIDES together to create a continuous loop. Pin and stitch the short seam allowances.

Fold the NECKLINE CUFF in half matching the raw edges. Ease the NECKLINE CUFF around the neckline opening, RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin and stitch in place and finish the seam allowance.

Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF in half along the centre fold line.

Sew the raw edges together.

Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF back on itself concealing the seam allowances just sewn and creating a complete loop of doubled up fabric.

This is attached the same way as the NECKLINE CUFF as shown in Step 6.

Apply the HEM CUFF to the garment hem, RIGHT SIDES together.

Ease around evenly then pin and stitch in place.

Gorffennwch y lwfans sêm.