Cleopatra Pajama -opastus Sphynxille

Cleopatra Pajama -opastus Sphynxille

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Cleopatra Pyjama Tutorial for Sphynx

Kuvat ovat saatavilla kuvion download.

1.5cm saumanvara sisältyy. Ensure to measure the full length of your cats spine as there can be a big difference between standing and seated measurements. You may need to add an inch to get the correct fit.

Leikkaa kaikki kaavat.

Toteutettava HEM CUFF, fold it in half lengthways and stitch the short seam allowance to form a complete loop.

Repeat this step for the NECKLINE CUFF.

Taita hihansuun on puoli pitkin sen leveyttä. Match the raw edges of the folded CUFF to the SLEEVE.

Ease (stretch the CUFF enough to reach from side to side) onto the end of the SLEEVE. Pin ja ommel.

Repeat for the BACK LEGS.

Match the back of the SLEEVE to the BACK RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Pin ja ommel paikallaan.

Match the FRONT to the front side of the SLEEVE. Neulaa ja ompele kuten ennenkin.

Kun vaate nurjat puolet pois, lay the FRONT and BACK RIGHT SIDES together.

tappi, ommel, trim and finish from the SLEEVE CUFF to the hem along the side seam.

Clip almost up to the seam allowance at the underarm point to allow the garment to lay flat once turned. If you have finished the seam allowance close to the body this may not be necessary

toista vaihe 2-5 toiselle puolelle vaatteen.

Fold the BACK LEGS in half aligning the seam allowances. Pin ja ommel.

Match the raw edges of the BACK LEG with the leg opening on the FRONT and BACK pieces. Match the marks. The mark at the BACK LEG central seam line matches to the lower FRONT.

Half of the BACK LEG remains unsewn and becomes part of the hemline.

Pin ja ommel.

Skip to Step 11 if you are using the NECK WARMER or Step 14 varten PÄÄNTIE CUFF.

Lay huppu palaset yhteen oikeat puolet vastakkain. Pin and stitch around the outside seam line.

Take the HOOD CUFF, fold it in half matching the longest seam allowances. Pin and stitch to the HOOD opening.

Overlap the two seam allowances of the HOOD CUFF so one is behind then other. Apply the centre of the HOOD CUFF to the centre front of the garment.

Match the centre back of the HOOD with the centre back of the garment. Pin and stitch around.

Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF in half along the centre fold line.

Sew the raw edges together.

Press open the seam allowances. Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF back on itself concealing the seam allowances just sewn and creating a complete loop of doubled up fabric.

Find the centre front and centre back locations on the NECKWARMER and main garment neckline. Match the raw edges of the NECK WARMER to the garment neckline. Pin ja ommel.

Match the centre back and front of the NECKLINE CUFF with that of the main garment.

Ease the NECKLINE CUFF around the neckline opening on the garment. Pin ja ommel.

Find the centre back and front of the HEM CUFF and that of the main garment hem. Merkitse nastat.

Toteutettava HEM CUFF. Fold in half and align the raw seam allowances to that of the lower edge of the pyjama, beginning by matching the centre front and back marks. Pin ja helppous se kuten mennä ympäri. Maali saumanvaran.

Download the Cleopatra Pyjama PDF Sewing Pattern here