Valentina Style 2 Tutorial



Use the largest stitch on your machine and sew a row within the seam allowances of the shoulder and waistline on the TOP FRONT and BACK pieces. Sew between the facing marks on the FRONT pieces and between the facing and neckline marks on the BACK.



Gather the shoulder seam allowances of the FRONT and BACK pieces to 17cm.

Match the FRONT and BACK pieces RIGHT SIDES together. Pin and stitch the shoulder seams. Finish the seam allowances using zig zag stitch or an overlocker. Press the seam toward the back.

Fold back the facings and press. You may like to hem stitch the facing to the inside of the garment if it won’t stay flat.

Pro tip: use french seam finishing for sturdy and tidy seams.



Open up the TOP piece RIGHT SIDES up.

Top stitch the seam allowance flat to secure.



Lay WAISTBAND 1 RIGHT SIDES together with WAISTBAND 2. Sew the seam allowances up to the markers. Fold and press the WAISTBAND in half lengthways, ready to apply.



Gather the waistline of the TOP pieces to fit the WAISTBAND.

Match the central and side seam points together. Overlap the TOP pieces by 2cm at the side and central points.

Ensure to pin the openings on the WAISTBAND carefully so they lay neatly when stitched.



Fold the TIE in half along its length RIGHT SIDES together. Place a length of string in-between. Sew across the top to secure the string to the TIE. Pin and sew the seam allowance. Carefully pull the string turning the TIE RIGHT SIDES out.

Ma tha lùb tuairnear:
Fold the TIE in half lengthways and sew the seam allowance. Tionndaidh gu deas taobh a mach a 'cleachdadh seam tuairnear.

Finish the TIE by pressing it and turning the raw ends under twice and use small stitches to secure. Or simply tie a knot at each end. Cuiribh a-steach an WAISTBAND a lìonadh.

If you have a binder attachment you can use it with zig-zag stitch to create your ties.



Follow the tutorial to make the SKIRT or TROUSERS.

Match the centre front, back and side seams of the TOP and SKIRT or TROUSER RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin agus Stitch. Lìomh na seam cuibhreann.

Complete by creating and inserting the tie.