Valentine Style 1 Tutorial



Match two TOP pieces RIGHT SIDES together lining up the pleats.

Fold the pleats through both layers together and pin in place.

Pin and stitch the shoulder seam allowance. Press.

Repeat for the remaining two TOP pieces.



Open up the TOP pieces RIGHT SIDE up.

Apply bias binding to the centre back and armhole seam allowances.
pin and stitch binding RIGHT SIDES together.
trim seam allowance to the finished binding width. Clip armhole seam allowance.
Press the seam.
Finish the binding by turning the un-sewn raw edge to the inside and matching the fold to the stitch line. Top stitch in place.



With the two TOP pieces RIGHT SIDES together, pin, stitch and finish the side seam allowance.

Repeat for the other two TOP pieces.



Lay WAISTBAND 1 RIGHT SIDES together with WAISTBAND 2. Sew the seam allowances up to the markers. Fold and press the WAISTBAND in half lengthways, ready to apply.



Follow the tutorial for the skirt or trousers if you are wanting to make the dress or jumpsuit.

Match the waistlines of the TOP pieces together. Alternate how you overlap them, so if the lefthand front piece is in front of the righthand front piece, the lefthand back piece is behind the righthand back piece.

Match the centre front and back of the TOP to the WAISTBAND. Pin agus Stitch ann an àite. Finish the seam allowance and press.

A chur air dòigh an TOP earrannan Right taobhan còmhla ris a 'bhriogais agus WAISTBAND. Match side seams and centre front and back points.

Pin agus Stitch ann an àite. Finish the seam allowance and press.



Fold the TIE in half along its length RIGHT SIDES together. Place a length of string in-between. Sew across the top to secure the string to the TIE. Pin and sew the seam allowance. Carefully pull the string turning the TIE RIGHT SIDES out.

Ma tha lùb tuairnear:
Fold the TIE in half lengthways and sew the seam allowance. Tionndaidh gu deas taobh a mach a 'cleachdadh seam tuairnear.

Finish the TIE by pressing it and turning the raw ends under twice and use small stitches to secure. Cuiribh a-steach an WAISTBAND a lìonadh.

If you have a binder attachment you can use it with zig-zag stitch to create your ties.