Georgia Chaps Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Georgia Chaps Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Georgia Chaps Tutorial

Images are available in the download version.

Begin by cutting out the pieces (including lining pieces if you require a lining). Mark the ZIP END on the FRONT of the chaps.

If you are using a waterproof fabric, you will want to avoid using pins that will leave a permanent mark on the fabric. Use clips or pegs instead.

To make applying the bias binding easier, lay the outer pieces WRONG SIDES together with the lining. Use the clips to hold the outer fabric together with the lining while you stitch. Stitch a 5mm row all around the seam allowances in order as shown. The lining fabrics may stretch as you sew, after each row adjust and trim to meet the outer fabric.

Using a bias binding foot on your machine, fold the bias binding in half and insert into the foot. Insert one seam allowance of the chaps between the bias binding and begin to sew.

Sew bias binding to all seam allowances except the top hipline seam allowances.

When beginning a new seam allowance, ensure to sew the bias to conceal the raw edge. On edges where you wont cover with a new row leave a 2cm tail which will be tucked under to finish.

Once all required seam allowances have bias binding attached, open up the zips and pin in place starting from the hem upwards.

Fold under any bias binding that can be concealed between the zip and the seam allowance.

Top stitch the zip to the bias binding. Ensure to match the zip on the FRONT to the ZIP END point.

Place the WAISTBAND RIGHT SIDE to WRONG SIDE of the FRONT CHAPS. Top stitch matching the bias binding together.

Repeat for both sides.

Apply another length of bias binding TO the top edge of the WAISTBAND going straight from one side to the other.

Cut the two pieces of WEBBING to the correct lengths shown on the pattern. Use a lighter or candle flame to melt and seal the raw edges of the WEBBING or use another method you prefer to prevent fraying.

Lay a piece RIGHT SIDES to WRONG SIDES of the chaps at the waistline. Fold under the raw edge of the bias binding to conceal. Stitch a couple of rows of zig-zag stitch back and forth to secure.

Apply the buckles to the WEBBING. The longer piece will connect with the part of the buckle that allows you to alter the length. The shorter piece will wrap around the opening provided and need to be stitched in place.


Download the Georgia Chaps PDF Sewing Pattern here