הדרכת Monokini

הדרכת Monokini

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Monokini Tutorial


The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Monokini Tutorial

תמונות זמינות דפוס ההורדה.

לגזור את כל החלקים. הנח את צד ימין שתי חתיכות FRONT ביחד. הנח את הפיסה לעיטור על גבי קו. Pin the elastic to all seam allowances except for tie loop and crotch opening. Stitch using zig-zag.

חתוך את קצבת התפר העודפת.

Repeat sewing the elastic for the BACK pieces. Leave the crotch seam and tie loop openings open.

חתוך את קצבת התפר העודפת.

Fold TIE LOOPS in half and stitch.

Cut into the segments shown on the TIE LOOP pattern piece.

Turn TIE LOOPS RIGHT SIDES out and place seam lines in the middle.

Fold TIE LOOPS in half concealing the seam lines and place into the tie loop sections on the FRONT piece. Ensure to place between FRONT pieces and not between the GUSSET. תפר.

Insert the FRONT TIE LOOP into the curved area on the CENTER FRONT. Ease it around, pinning it between the two FRONT pieces as done previously with the other TIE LOOPS. Stitch the seam allowance as before..

With FRONT and BACK piece RIGHT SIDES out, lay FRONT and BACK pieces RIGHT SIDES together and pin and stitch the touching front and back crotch seam allowance.

Complete swimsuit by tucking remaining seam allowance of front crotch piece under and pin onto remaining back crotch piece. Secure with whip stitch.

Create the ties by folding the TIES in half lengthways following the dashed line on the pattern piece. Stitch the seam allowance with zig-zag stitch. Trim the seam allowance to half then turn RIGHT SIDES out using a loop turner.

If you do not have a loop turner:
לחלופין, create the TIES by placing a length of string into the top of one tie piece, fold in half and pin. Stitch across the top to secure string using straight stitch. Carefully zig zag down the length avoiding catching the string.

Gently pull the string and help guide the tie right side out.
Unpick the top stitches to release the string.

Complete tie by tucking seam allowances inside and securing with whip stitch. Place one tie in front and back side seam loops, one in neckline and one in back loops.

Download the Monokini PDF Sewing Pattern here