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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Lyra Romper Pyjama Tutorial

הדרכה ליירה Break פיג'מות

Lyra Romper Pyjama Tutorial Images are available in the pattern download. שָׁלָב 1 1.5cm seam allowance included Cut out all the pattern pieces. הנח את הצד הקדמי ימינה יחד עם BACK. Pin and stitch at the shoulder seam. Finish the seam allowance using zig-zag stitch or an overlocking stitch. Trim the seam allowance. Use […]

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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Harry Romper Tutorial for Babies

הארי Romper הדרכה עבור תינוקות

תמונות זמינות דפוס ההורדה. שָׁלָב 1 Print the pattern piece, ensure to stick the pages together before attempting to cut any of the pieces out. Begin by cutting out pieces. Decide whether to use a HOOD or not and cut the correct OPENING CUFF pattern piece. שָׁלָב 2 Lay inner hood pieces […]

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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Jessica Preemie Romper Tutorial

ג'סיקה פגית הדרכה Romper

שָׁלָב 1 הערה: If you are printing the pattern split onto A4 pages, first arrange the pages and stick together to ensure you match the correct pieces together. Choose to cut either one set of HOOD pieces or two (to have a lining). Lay two HOOD pieces RIGHT SIDES together. Pin and stitch the center […]

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