Libi Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Libi Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Libi Dress Tutorial

Images are included in the pattern download.

Cut out all pieces and mark any balance marks using tailor’s tacks.

Begin by folding the SKIRT in half RIGHT SIDES together. Fold from the fold point marked on the upper SKIRT.

Pin and stitch this seam allowance. टेढ़े मेढ़ी सिलाई या एक overlocker का उपयोग कर सीवन भत्ता समाप्त.

उन्नत युक्ति: You could complete the garment using french seams for neat concealed seams.

Lay the two SKIRT pieces RIGHT SIDES together.

Align the CENTER FRONT and CENTER BACK seam allowances.

पिन, सिलाई और खत्म.

Complete the lining by folding in half RIGHT SIDES together and pinning and stitching the CENTER BACK seam allowance.

Finish the seam allowance in your preferred way.

Lay BUST TIE 1 RIGHT SIDES together with BUST TIE 2.

पिन और सीवन भत्ता सिलाई. अस्तर टुकड़े के लिए दोहराएँ.

Prepare for the next step by creating the bra straps following the BRA STRAP TUTORIAL included.

Lay the two completed BUST TIE pieces RIGHT SIDES together.

Ensure to have marked the openings on the lower seam allowance.

Stitch between the openings where the SKIRT is to be inserted.

Pin the bra straps in position. You will need to make sure to apply them with their RIGHTS SIDES matching the RIGHT SIDE of the outer BUST TIE piece. They will need to go in-between the inner and outer pieces while you sew. Once turned to the RIGHT SIDES the bra straps will have their raw edges concealed within.

Clip the seam allowances to allow the seams to lay flat once turned to the RIGHT side. Trim to approx. 7mm.

Turn RIGHT SIDES out and press the seam allowances. Fold the seam allowances of the unstitched areas to the inside and press.

Place the LINING RIGHT SIDES together with the SKIRT.

Match the upper curved areas and pin in place.

Stitch the seam allowances leaving the straight edges to be inserted into the BUST TIE unstitched.

Clip the seam allowances to allow them to lay flat once turned to the RIGHT SIDE.

Turn to the RIGHT SIDES and press. You may like to use hand-pricking or a machine stitch to topstitch the curves in place.

Insert the sections from the SKIRT into the corresponding unstitched areas of the BUST TIE.

Pin in place then top stitch close to the seam line to secure.

Complete the skirt by creating a rolled hem by hand or using a hemmer foot on the sewing machine on the outer SKIRT and the LINING.

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