**बुलडॉग के लिए पैटर्न परीक्षक ** Jasra टी


Specially created for bulldogs unique sizing. The sizes that need testing are the XS and XXS.

जर्सी कपड़े से बना एक सुखद आरामदायक टी. एक डाकू के साथ या बिना उपलब्ध.

If you would like to test it please use the form below to sign up!

I do ask that the testing can be completed within two weeks, so please ensure you are able to commit to this time schedule.

In return for receiving the pattern and its updates free of charge and 10% discount from all patterns on the website, pattern testers are required to send in feedback about the tutorial and pattern as well as images of the final make which may be used online.

Please fill in the form below to register to test the pattern:

Pattern name required:
Pattern size required:
Paper size required: ए 4अमेरिका पत्र
Please acknowledge you are able to complete the testing with written feedback and images within 2 सप्ताह