Kimono PDF Sewing PatternGerda Kimono

Kimono PDF sewing pattern. Inspired by the kimono Gerda wears in The Danish Girl film, this kimono features full length sleeves with open backs that reveal the inner lining. The waist can be secured with a tie. Welt pockets feature on the front of this garment. This one-size-fits-all is a roomy, comfortable fit and easily worn over other layers.

Included is a full length and a shorter style. The pattern includes printing files for A4, अमेरिका पत्र, A0 as well as the full size document.

One size fits all.

Nape to hem: लंबा – 137से.मी / Short – 95से.मी

Back width: 70से.मी

Sleeve length: लंबा – 93से.मी / Short – 60से.मी

Download comes as a full scale document to allow you to print on different sized pages as well as A4 and US Letter sized documents.

हर डाउनलोड रंग चित्र या तस्वीरों के साथ एक ट्यूटोरियल के साथ आता है.

एक 1.5cm सीवन भत्ता सभी पैटर्न टुकड़े पर शामिल है, जब तक अन्यथा न कहा गया.



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Kimono PDF Sewing PatternGerda Kimono