Иттер PDF Тігін кескіні үшін Jasper Jacket

A snug and smart collared jacket for your little pooch. Make him (or her) stand out from the crowd in this tailored-look jacket.

Make it from any non-stretch fabric such as wool, nylon, corduroy, or quilted fabric. You could use a softer lining such as a sherpa fleece for added comfort and warmth. If you are using two types of fabric, you will need approx. 50cm x 50cm fabric for lining and the same again for the outer garment fabric.

Download comes complete with a colour tutorial.

Dog Sizes

КІШІ (1-6), ОРТА (7-12), Үлкен (13-18)

3 reviews for Иттер PDF Тігін кескіні үшін Jasper Jacket

  1. Morag H. (тексерілген иесі)

    I love this pattern and I have bought the patterns in all 3 өлшемдері. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

  2. Dagmar (тексерілген иесі)

    I love your pattern! Thank you a lot!

  3. Hannah (тексерілген иесі)

    Lovely pattern, fit is perfect. Like the video very useful for me as a visual learner. Will buy more.

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Иттер PDF Тігін кескіні үшін Jasper Jacket
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