Penny Sweater Tutorial


Исечете ги сите парчиња на модел.
Свитка ракав НАДУВАН на половина по должината на ширина. Match the raw edges of the folded CUFF to the SLEEVE.

Ease (stretch the CUFF enough to reach from side to side) onto the end of the SLEEVE. Игла и конец.


Take the HEM CUFF and NECKLINE CUFF (refer to Step 5 if you are using the NECK WARMER CUFF) and fold in half RIGHT SIDES together to create a continuous loop. Pin and stitch the short seam allowances.


Match the back of the SLEEVE to the BACK RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Игла и конец во место.


Match the FRONT to the front side of the SLEEVE. Игла и бод како порано.

Повторете го чекорот 3-4 за другата страна на облека.


Лежеше на предната и задната десно страни заедно, pin from the side seam from the SLEEVE CUFF down to the garment hem.

Бод, а заврши додаток споеви.

Clip almost up to the seam allowance at the underarm point to allow the garment to lay flat once turned. If you have finished the seam allowance close to the body this may not be necessary


Apply the HEM CUFF to the garment hem, Десно страни заедно. Match the centre front and back points.

Ease around evenly then pin and stitch in place.

Finish the seam allowance.


Skip to Step 10 if you are using the NECK WARMER or Step 13 for the NECKLINE CUFF.

Леј HOOD парчиња десната страна заедно. Pin and stitch around the outside seam line.


Take the HOOD CUFF, fold it in half matching the longest seam allowances. Pin and stitch to the HOOD opening.


Overlap the two seam allowances of the HOOD CUFF so one is behind then other. Apply the centre of the HOOD CUFF to the centre front of the garment.

Match the centre back of the HOOD with the centre back of the garment. Pin and stitch around.

STEP 10:

Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF in half along the centre fold line.

STEP 11:

Sew the raw edges together.

STEP 12:

Press open the seam allowances. Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF back on itself concealing the seam allowances just sewn and creating a complete loop of doubled up fabric.

Find the centre front and centre back locations on the NECKWARMER and main garment neckline. Match the raw edges of the NECK WARMER to the garment neckline. Игла и конец.

STEP 13:

Fold the NECKLINE CUFF in half, matching the raw edges. Ease the NECKLINE CUFF around the neckline opening, Десно страни заедно.

Pin and stitch in place and finish the seam allowance.