Patchwork хормогч заавар

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Patchwork Apron Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Patchwork Apron Tutorial

бүх хэсгүүдийг хайчилж.

дотоод болон гадаад халаасны ширхэг баруун талыг хамтад нь байрлуул. Pin ба Stitch.

Обудтай, энэ удаа хавтгай тавих нь зөв талыг болсон зөвшөөрөхийн тулд халаасны давхарга тэтгэмж клип.

баруун тал нь халаасандаа эргэж, хавтгай дарж.

Use a large straight hand stitch or the largest stitch on your sewing machine and sew around the outside edge of the pocket, leaving the opening unstitched. Pull the stitches to create a ruffle around the whole pocket. Aim to get the pocket opening straight. Temporarily secure the riffle by making a figure of eight with the cotton around pins at either end.

Taking the fabric strip for the pocket binding, fold over and press the seam allowances and then fold whole piece inhale and press again.

Pin pocket binding to pocket opening.

Top stitch the binding onto the pocket.

Stitch together the top row of patches and then the second row. Press open all the seams.

Pin and stitch together the two rows, trying to match up seams. Press open the seam.

Quilt the apron lining with the wadding.

Pin the pocket into place on the apron.

Top stitch the pocket to the apron front.

With right sides together, pin the front and quilted lining together. Include any trimmings into this seam. Leave top edge open.

Turn apron right sides out and press. Topstitch close to edge all the way around, leaving the top open.

Pin the pocket into place on the apron.

Stitch down the metered ends of the waistband and press.

Pin the waistband to the apron, starting from the centre and working out both ways. Stitch from end to end and press.

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