Safari Baby Blanket 1 PDF Sewing Pattern


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Baby Blanket 1 PDF Sewing Pattern

Basic Skills Necessary:

straight stitch on a sewing machine
blanket stitch or other applique stitch
Pattern Description:

This is the first blanket of the safari theme that I made for my South African cousins baby boy.


1/2m fabric per colour for main design
4x 79cm x 10cm fabric for top and bottom borders
4x 9cm x 9cm fabric squares for corners
4x 114cm x 10cm fabric for side borders
76cm x 114cm piece of fabric for the reverse side
90cm x 125cm piece of wadding
scraps of fabric for applique and horizon/sun details

Pattern comes as a fullscale copyshop PDF document which can be printed on any size paper using Adobe Reader to poster print. Also available broken up onto A4 pages. The separate A4 pages have page numbers and markers to help you align each page correctly after printing.

Please view the Printing Instructions to find out how to accurately print your pattern to scale.

Copyshop size: 30cm x 183cm / A4 pages: 14 / US Letter: 14

Please note that all pattern downloads are in English, however you may view the tutorial here in your chosen language by selecting “TRANSLATE” in the upper right of any page and selecting your preferred language.


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