Libi šaty – vzor Aktualizácia


Libi šaty mala transformácia! Vzor sám bol zjednodušený so zlepšenými závesy na sukňu a uloženie na poprsie. Teraz môžete vytvoriť tesnú montáž poprsie kravatu, aby vyhovoval à / B / C / D / DD veľkosť pohára. Directions on how to find our correct cup size are included.

The tutorial has also had its improvements and now included easy to understand diagrams instead of photographs.

The dress requires a lining and to condense the amount of pages required to print it, it has been included within the main skirt pattern piece for cutting out after the skirt has been cut from fabric. However, if you want to print the lining separately there is a lining pattern piece on its own too. The amount of A4 and US Letter sized pages required for the pattern has also been reduced, so less time printing more time making!

Despite the amount of fabric required to make this dress it is very light and airy. It was always supposed to be a summer dress but having now made it up from this gorgeous chiffon fabric I can see it would also work great as an evening dress!

Find the Libi Dress PDF Sewing Pattern here.