Sabrina kopalkah vaje

Sabrina kopalkah vaje

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Sabrina Swimsuit Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Sabrina Swimsuit Tutorial

Slike so na voljo v prenos vzorca.

1.5dodatek cm šiv vključena
Izrežite vse kose. Položite dva sprednja kosov desni strani skupaj. Položite vstavek kos na vrhu in line up. Pin the elastic to the leg and angled side seam allowances as shown on the image. Stitch using zig-zag stitch. Trim the seam allowance close to the elastic.

Uporabite cik-cak šiv ali drugo raztezajo šiv v tem projektu. Prav tako zagotovijo, da se uporabljajo kemični majica stroj iglo.

Lay the two BACK pieces RIGHT SIDES together. Pin the elastic to the back curve and leg seam allowances.

Stitch and trim as before.

Create the FRONT TIE LOOPS for the FRONT of the swimsuit by stitching up the length of each piece and turn RIGHT SIDES out. Cut in half.

These will be folded in half, concealing the seam and placed between the seam allowances for the Front of the swimsuit at the Tie Loops Insertion Point.

Repeat for the BACK TIE LOOPS.

Create the TIES by following the TIE & STRAP TUTORIAL.

Lay the two BIKINI pieces RIGHT SIDES together. Insert the folded FRONT TIE LOOPS into the upper seam allowance, raw edges showing.

Insert the BACK TIE LOOPS to the centre back seam allowances.

Pin elastic along the upper seam allowance of the BIKINI from centre back to centre back. Stitch TIE LOOPS and elastic in place.

Stitch the lower seam allowance up to the arrow marked on the pattern piece.

Trim seam allowances (except the unstitched portion of the lower seam allowance).

With the FRONT WRONG SIDES out and the BACK RIGHT SIDES out, insert the BACK in-between the FRONT layers, so that RIGHT SIDES are facing of the FRONT and BACK pieces.

Align the side seams. Pin in šiv.

Match the crotch seam allowance of one layer of the FRONT with its matching layer of the BACK.

Pin in šiv.

Turn the swimsuit RIGHT SIDES out through the open crotch seam.

Turn over the FRONT seam allowance of the remaining open crotch seam and pin onto the BACK crotch seam allowance. Stitch using a ballpoint needle and fell stitch.


Match one of the lower seam allowances of the BIKINI with the corresponding upper seam allowance of the main swimsuit.

Pin and stitch up to the markers shown on the pattern pieces.

Align the remaining upper raw edge of the swimsuit with the BIKINI.

Fold under the seam allowance of the remaining upper swimsuit seam allowance and conceal the seam allowance of the BIKINI and previously stitched swimsuit seam allowance between them.

At the point where the swimsuit meets the BIKINI, the seam allowance of the BIKINI will have to be gently stretched to fold down (it is folded up until the meet point, but must fold down to be inserted into the main swimsuit).

Pin v mestu, then top-stitch using zig-zag stitch across the full length of the lower BIKINI. At the meet points of the BIKINI and main swimsuit, curve the top-stitching down to the main swimsuit then back up again to complete.

Please refer to the image to see the curve of the top-stitching.


Insert the TIES as shown.

The FRONT TIE will tie around the curved opening in the centre of the BIKINI.


Download the Sabrina Swimsuit PDF Sewing Pattern here