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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Arabella Top Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Arabella Top Tutorial

Слике су доступне у паттерн преузимање.

1.5СМ шав додатак укључен

Lay the FRONT EDGING RIGHT SIDES together with the top FRONT. Лакоћа на и пин у месту. Ститцх додатак за шав.

Трим назад до 5мм.

Поновите поступак за леђима ивица и БАЦК комада.

Fold the unstitched seam allowance of the BACK EDGING back onto itself.

Turn the BACK EDGING to the wrong side leaving 1cm edge visible on the RIGHT SIDE.

Поновите корак 2 & 3 for the FRONT.

Overlap the FRONT shoulder onto the BACK, meeting at the points marked on the pattern pieces.

Pin the overlapping seam allowances together.

Ease the SLEEVE into the bodice armscye.

Pin in place then stitch to secure the SLEEVE and the overlapping FRONT and BACK pieces.

Trim and finish the seam allowance using zig-zag stitch or an overlocking stitch.

Fold the CUFF in half and ease onto the SLEEVE.

игла, ститцх и завршити додатак за шав.

Turn the garment WRONG SIDES out.

Align the FRONT and BACK and SLEEVE seam allowances.

игла, stitch and finish as before.

Complete the hem baby folding the raw edge under 7.5mm twice creating a rolled hem. Top-stitch using zig-zag stitch.