Џорџ Стан Капа Водич – Concealed Tape Version

Џорџ Стан Капа Водич – Concealed Tape Version

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - George Flat Cap Tutorial - Concealed Tape Version

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - George Flat Cap Tutorial - Concealed Tape Version


Слике су доступне у паттерн преузимање.

1.5СМ шав додатак укључен
Избаците све паттерн комада. Марк указује А, Б и Ц на врху и бочне делове помоћу лепљивост кројачки, креда или кројач перо.

Можда воле да користе интерфејс (гвожђа или шије у) to strengthen the outer fabric. Simply cut one interfacing piece for the TOP and SIDE and iron on before continuing to the next step or sew together in Step 2.

Please note this pattern uses only a 5mm seam allowance.

Match points A, B and C of the TOP RIGHT SIDES together with the corresponding points on the SIDE.

Pin and stitch the 5mm seam allowance.

Clip the curved edges of the seam allowance to allow it to lay flat. Turn RIGHT SIDES out and topstitch the seam allowance to the TOP following the seam allowance all around.

With WRONG SIDES out, fold the dart on the TOP together.

Пин и бод.

Lay the two BRIM pieces RIGHT SIDES together. Pin and stitch the larger curve.

Окрените десну страну излаза и притисните.

Insert the plastic inner BRIM piece between the fabric.

Match the centre point of the BRIM to the centre front point (point B) of the main cap.

Pin and stitch the raw edge of the BRIM to the main cap.

Cut the petersham tape length:

Length = hat size in cms + 3 центиметар

Pin the petersham tape around the seam allowance of the main cap and brim. Stitch directly onto the seam allowance so that it is hidden behind the tape. Fold a little of the tape under to neaten the edge when you complete the circle.

Stitch to the seam allowance and fold the tape to the inside of the cap.

Insert the lining WRONG SIDES together with the outer fabric of the cap.

Fold back the seam allowances so that they are hidden inside the cap along with the petersham tape.

Carefully use small hand stitches such as fell stitch to hold the lining in place.

Complete the cap by using small hand stitches to hold the TOP front of the cap to the BRIM. Approximately 15-20cms distributed around the centre front of the cap can be secured if desired.

Download the George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern here