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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Princess Elsa Frozen Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Princess Elsa Frozen Dress Tutorial

Слике су доступне у паттерн преузимање.

Почните постављањем НАЗАД 2 Десна страна, заједно са позадинским сукњу уз струк.

игла, шав, трим и завршити помоћу оверлоцкер или цик цак ститцх додатак спојеве.

Користите цик-цак бод или друго стретцх штеп кроз овај пројекат. Такође би да се користи хемијска дрес машина иглу.

Apply FRONT 2 and FRONT SKIRT together by folding under the waistline seam allowance of FRONT 2 and laying over the seam allowance of the FRONT SKIRT.

Pin in place and ensure to get a nice point at the center front.

Secure by topstitching along the waistline seam allowance.

Repeat for the waistline along BACK 2 and BACK SKIRT.

Lay FRONT and BACK RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin along the side seams ensuring to match seamlines at the waistline.

Шав, trim and finish the seam allowances.

лаи Фронт 1 and BACK 1 Десна страна заједно.

Match the shoulder seams.

игла, шав, trim and finish.

Open up FRONT 1 & НАЗАД 2 and gently ease in the armscye of the SLEEVE.

Пин на месту.

Шав, trim and finish the seam allowance.

With FRONT 1 and BACK 2 Десна страна заједно, pin from the SLEEVE seam allowances together and the small amount of the side seam of the FRONT & НАЗАД.

Шав, trim and finish.

Cut a length of elastic trim for the neckline.
Ages 1-6 = 30cm

Ages 7-8 = 38cm / 9-10= 40cm / 11-12= 42cm / 13-14= 44cm

4 = 51cm / 6 = 52cm / 8 = 53cm / 10 = 55cm / 12 = 57cm / 14 = 59cm / 16 = 61cm / 18 = 63cm

Prepare the elastic by joining it with a few stitches to create a loop. Трим накнаду вишак шав.

Apply the elastic RIGHT SIDES together with the neckline, evenly pinning it in place to meet the seam allowance.

Use zig zag stitch to secure in place.

Fold the elastic trim back to the WRONG SIDE of the garment. Top stitch using zig zag stitch to neaten.

Cut two lengths of elastic trim for the cuffs. The required amount is double the cuff opening width on the SLEEVE pattern piece (or the single length if you are using the adult pattern).

Fold one end around the other to create the point then pin and stitch in place.

Place the cuff elastic RIGHT SIDES together with the SLEEVE, pinning to meet the seam allowance and ensuring the points meet.

Complete by following the processes in Step 11 и 12.

Finish the edges of the CAPE using an overlocker stitch or rolled hem. Leave the top seam raw as this will be finished later.

To apply the cape to the FRONT 2 and BACK 2 first pin the front edges to match the arrows on the FRONT.

Then ease the rest of the FRONT 2 and BACK 2 on to the cape. Pin in place to secure.

Шав, trim and finish the seam allowance.

Apply FRONT 1 and BACK 1 by folding under their seam allowances and arranging onto FRONT 2 and BACK 2.

To ensure accuracy and to avoid distortion during sewing, it is recommended to baste stitch the upper and loser sections of the dress toagether first.

Once you are happy with the placement you can topstitch the two together using zig zag stitch.