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Rosana Top for Children Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Rosana Top for Children

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Rosana Top for Children

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1.5СМ шав додатак укључен
Begin by laying the FRONT & НАЗАД окупили ПАНЕЛ десне стране заједно. Шити линије шава централни назад.

Ако ваш Панел захтева страни шав се придружује, сев они такође.

Завршити додатке шава са цик-цак шав или оверлоцкер.

Положите предње и задње делове десне стране заједно.

Sew and finish the shoulder and side seam allowances.

Use a large stitch on the sewing machine or use a large hand stitch and sew a line midway in the upper seam allowance of the SLEEVE.

Anchor one end of the thread around a pin in a figure of eight then gently pull the other end of the thread to gather.

Gather the upper SLEEVE to half its original size.

Fold the SLEEVE in half RIGHT SIDES together so the underarm seam allowances match.

Sew and finish the seam allowance.

As in Step 3 for the SLEEVE, gather the upper seam allowance of the FRONT AND BACK GATHERED PANEL.

Gather to fit the width of the FRONT and BACK pieces.

Align the side seam lines of the FRONT AND BACK with the underarm seam line of the SLEEVE.

Pin and stitch the partial SLEEVE armhole seam allowances to the FRONT and BACK.

Finish the seam allowances as before.

Use a bias binding or bias strips to complete the raw edges of the armhole and neckline.

If you are using bias strips cut from woven fabric follow Steps 7-10.

Begin by cutting 3 strips of fabric on the bias 4.5cm wide and a little longer than the armhole.

Fold over 1.5cm of one end of the bias and begin stitching to the seam allowance. Once you have reached the end allow the bias to overlap the 1.5cm folded over end to conceal all raw edges. Trim the bias tape.

Trim the seam allowance to approximately 5mm.

Fold over the bias tape approximately 1cm.

Fold the bias tape to the WRONG SIDE allowing the fold created in the previous step to meet the seam line.

Пин на месту.

Top stitch close to the fold edge to secure.



Match the sides and centre front and back points.

игла, ститцх и завршити додатак за шав.

Complete the garment hemline by creating a rolled hem. Fold the hem back 0.75mm, then fold back once more 0.75mm to conceal the raw edge. Hem stitch by hand or sew on the machine to secure. преса.

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