Valentina Style 3 Дәреслек



Cut out all pattern pieces.

With the TOP pieces RIGHT SIDES together, pin and stitch the side seam allowances.

Finish the seam allowance of the top edge using an overlocking stitch or zig-zag. Fold back the top edge 2.5cm and press.

Mark and fold the pleatsmaking sure to mark with the side seams in the centre, stitch and press.



Match each front pleat to its corresponding back pleat.

Sew across the join using a tight zig zag stitch.



Prepare the SHOULDER BINDING by folding and pressing the seam allowances to the WRONG SIDE.

Prepare the TOP shoulders by folding the fabric downwards at an angle toward the WRONG SIDE, creating more pleats.



Finish the shoulder by encasing the TOP shoulders inside the SHOULDER BINDING.

Secure the edges of the SHOULDER BINDING with small hand stitches to secure in place.



Lay WAISTBAND 1 RIGHT SIDES together with WAISTBAND 2. Sew the seam allowances up to the markers. Fold and press the WAISTBAND in half lengthways, ready to apply.



Gather the waistline of the TOP to fit the WAISTBAND.

An easy way to do this is to sew a row of straight stitch on the longest stitch setting, wrap one thread end around a needle then gently pull the other end to gather. Secure the second thread end to the pin.

Pin and stitch the WAISTBAND to the TOP matching the centre front and back points. If you intend to make the dress or jumpsuit, sew just within the 1.5cm seam allowance.



Follow the tutorial to make the SKIRT or TROUSERS.

Match the centre front, back and side seams of the TOP and SKIRT or TROUSER RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin and stitch. Finish the seam allowance.



Fold the TIE in half along its length RIGHT SIDES together. Place a length of string in-between. Sew across the top to secure the string to the TIE. Pin and sew the seam allowance. Carefully pull the string turning the TIE RIGHT SIDES out.

If you have a loop turner:
Fold the TIE in half lengthways and sew the seam allowance. Turn RIGHT SIDES out using a seam turner.

Finish the TIE by pressing it and turning the raw ends under twice and use small stitches to secure. Insert into the WAISTBAND to complete.

If you have a binder attachment you can use it with zig-zag stitch to create your ties.