Chick Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Chick Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial


The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Chick Playsuit Costume Pyjama TutorialThe Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Chick Playsuit Costume Pyjama Tutorial

Cut out all pieces marking any balance marks using tailor’s tacks.

Use a ballpoint sewing machine needle on a medium size stitch.

Match the front and back shoulder seams and pin and stitch,

Trim the seam allowance then overlock or zig-zag the seam. From now on this will be referred to as “finishing” the seam allowance.

Ease the sleeve into the armhole.

Start by pinning the centre of the sleeve to the shoulder seam. Then pin to either side of the armhole then ease the rest into the armhole. Finish the seam.

Lay the Front and back garments of the garment Right Sides together.

Pin from the sleeve cuff down to the the leg cut. Ensure to match the underarm seams.

Stitch and finish the seams.

Turn to the “Adaptation for Young Children Tutorial” now if you want to create this pattern with a detachable hood with front and leg opening.

Finish the seam allowance of the Centre Front down to the crotch.

Pin the inside leg seams from leg cuff to crotch.

Stitch and finish the seam allowance.

Turn one half of the garment Right Side out. Insert this half’s leg into the other which should be Wrong Sides out.

Pin the Centre Front and Centre Back seam allowance together all the way down the front and up the back of the garment including the crotch.

Stitch normally until you reach the Zip End marker. Then do a couple of backstitches and switch to a larger stitch. Continue along the seam allowance with the larger stitch.

Finish the seam allowance up until the Zip End marker.

Open up the garment with WS out and lay flat. Open up the Centre Front seam allowance and lay the zip onto it. Pin the zip to the seam allowances (not the garment).

Use a zip foot and stitch the zip to the seam allowances.

Take the cuffing pieces and stitch together the seam allowances to create tubes.

Fold the cuffing in half and ease around the corresponding sleeve and leg ends, RS facing.

針, stitch and finish.

Carefully open up the CF seam to the Zip End mark.

Gather the pieces to make the Wings and Beak.

Begin by pinning and stitching the Beak pieces RS together.

Trim the seam allowance and clip to allow the seams to lay flat once turned.

Turn RS out.

Turn the beak RS out and insert the wadding.

Top stitch close to the edge. Leave the flat end of the beak open.


Lay the Wing pieces RS together. Pin and stitch around the curvy areas but leave the flat edge open.

Trim and clip the seam allowance.

Turn right sides out and fold inside the unstitched seam allowance from the flat side.

Pin and top stitch around the wing and then topstitch your wing design. To do this you could trace the design on tissue paper, then pin to your wing pieces. Stitch on the machine then tear away the tissue paper.

Stitch and trim the seam allowances.

Cut two small pieces of velcro, 约. 3厘米長.

Hand sew the softer pieces to the Wing Insertion points on the Back.

Hand sew the coarser pieces to the backs of the Wings.

Pin Outer Hood 1 to Outer Hood 2 RS together.


At this point you can pin the eyes in place as shown on the pattern and use an appliqué stitch to secure it.

Lay the Inner Hood pieces RS together and pin. Lay the Outer Hood pieces RS together and pin.

Stitch and trim the seam allowances.


Place the Inner and Outer hoods inside one another. Pin the seam allowance along the hood and insert the Beak matching its centre to the Beak Insertion point



Trim the seam allowance of the hood opening.

Clip the cross section of the Hood seam allowances, within the seam allowance.

This enable it to lay flatter when turned to the RS.


Turn the hood RS out and pin the hood opening seam flat.

To stitch close to the edge of the opening.

Also stitch a row approx. 5cm long across the centre semaphore Hood 1 and Hood 2 meet to keep the hood steady during wear.

(Please ignore the ears in this image, instead you will have a beak coming from the centre front edge of the hood!)

Pin the Hood neckline onto the neckline of the playsuit, match centre seams and end points then ease the rest in.


Grade the neckline seam allowance leaving the Inner Hood seam allowance the longest so it conceals the others.

Clip the seam cross sections as in Step 20.

RS facing, pin the neckline seam allowance down and top stitch the neckline.

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