Katie Top Tutorial

Katie Top Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Katie Top Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Katie Top Tutorial

Images are available in the pattern download.

1.5cm seam allowance included
Cut out all the pattern pieces.

Lay the FRONT RIGHT SIDES together with the BACK.

Pin and stitch the shoulder and side seam allowances.

Finish the seam allowances with zig-zag stitch then trim, or an overlocking stitch.

Use zig-zag stitch or other stretch stitch throughout this project. Also ensure to use a ballpoint jersey machine needle.

Fold the SLEEVE in half RIGHT SIDES together and align the seam allowances.

針, 縫合和完成接缝余量.

Match the BACK and FRONT pieces with the corresponding BACK and FRONT pieces of the SLEEVE.

Align the side seam line with the SLEEVE seam line.

Pin and stitch the SLEEVE to the garment armhole. 像以前一樣完成接缝余量.

Fold the NECKLINE and SHOULDER CUFFS in half RIGHT SIDES together so that the shorter ends meet.

Stitch the short seam allowance to create a complete loop.

Fold the SHOULDER CUFF in half lengthways following the dashed line on the pattern piece RIGHT SIDES together.

Ease around the armhole pinning as you go.

Stitch in place. Trim and finish the seam allowance.

Press the seam allowance to the WRONG SIDE.

Repeat this for the other armhole and the NECKLINE CUFF

Complete the garment by folding back the seam allowances of the SLEEVES and hemline.

Top-stitch in place using a stretch stitch.

Press the garment.

Download the KATIE TOP PDF Sewing Pattern here