Valentina Dress Tutorial

Valentina Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Valentina Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Valentina Dress Tutorial

Images are available in the pattern download.

Cut out all pattern pieces and mark pleats. Use a jersey ballpoint needle throughout and a stretch stitch such as zig zag unless otherwise stated.

OPTIONAL: Finish the seam allowance along the necklines of the TOP pieces using zig-zag stitch or an overlocker.

Arrange the pleats on the shoulder, pointing towards the center. Fold 2.5cm under along the neckline to form the facing. Sew a straight line of straight stitch across the shoulder from side to side to secure the pleats and facing.

Fold the ARMHOLE CUFF in half along its length. Match the raw edges to the armhole of the TOP. Ease it around.

Pin and stitch in place then finish the seam allowance either with zig zag stitch then trimming or using an overlocker.

Turn the TOP WRONG SIDES out.

Match the side seam allowances. Stitch and finish the seam allowance as before.

Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other TOP section.

With the two TOP sections RIGHT SIDES out, match the waistlines together and pin in place.

Alternate which half of each TOP is visible on either side.

Finish the hemline of both SKIRT pieces by creating a rolled hem.

Fold the SKIRT RIGHT SIDES together from the cowl centre point mark.

針, stitch and finish the cowl seam.

Place both SKIRT pieces RIGHT SIDES together.

Match the centre back and centre front seam allowances.

Pin stitch and finish the seams. Only complete the seam up until the centre front seam opening marker on the centre front.


Fold the WAISTBAND in half along its length. Fold the end edges inside 1.5cm to hide them.

Pin the WAISTBAND around the SKIRT matching the open ends with the centre front.

Stitch within the seam allowance.

Arrange the TOP sections RIGHT SIDES together with the SKIRT and WAISTBAND. Match side seams.

Pin in place ensuring no seam allowances have been missed out.

Stitch and finish the seam allowance.

Create the WAIST TIE by following the STRAPS AND TIES TUTORIAL. Ensure to use zip zag stitch.

If you have a loop turner:
Fold the TIE in half lengthways and sew the seam allowance with zig-zag stitch. Turn RIGHT SIDES out using a seam turner.

Finish the TIE by tucking the raw ends inside and use small stitches to secure. Insert into the WAISTBAND to complete.

Download the Valentina Dress PDF Sewing Pattern here