Kylo T 卹教程

步 1:

剪下所有的圖案片. 如果用球衣做,袖口會縫得更好.

將 LEG CUFFS 縱向對折. 將一個的原始邊緣與 FRONT 的原始邊緣匹配 1, 右側在一起.

引腳和針到位. 重複前 2.

使用的鋸齒形縫合或其他伸縮針跡整個項目. 此外,還要確保使用圓珠筆針織機針.

步 2:

前置 1 over FRONT 2 with both parts RIGHT SIDES up, align either end of the cuffs on FRONT 1 with the markers on FRONT 2.


步 3:

萊FRONT 1 & 2 右側與一起回來. Pin the side seam allowances together, removing the pins at the join of FRONT 1 & 2 and replacing to secure through all pieces.

縫合到位. Repeat for the opposite side.

步 4:

拿下擺袖口和領口袖口 (如果使用) and fold in half RIGHT SIDES together to create a continuous loop. 針和縫合短縫份.

Skip to step 10 for neck warmer or step 13 for hood.

步 5:

Fold the NECKLINE CUFF in half matching the raw edges. Ease the NECKLINE CUFF around the neckline opening, 右側在一起.

Pin and stitch in place and finish the seam allowance.

步 6:

應用下擺袖口衣服下擺, 右側在一起.



步 7:

Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF in half along the centre fold line.

步 8:

Sew the raw edges together.

步 9:

Press open the seam allowances. Fold the NECK WARMER CUFF back on itself concealing the seam allowances just sewn and creating a complete loop of doubled up fabric.

Find the centre front and centre back locations on the NECKWARMER and main garment neckline. Match the raw edges of the NECK WARMER to the garment neckline. 引腳和線跡.

步 10:

萊HOOD片的正面合在一起. Pin and stitch around the outside seam line.

步 11:

Take the HOOD CUFF, fold it in half matching the longest seam allowances. Pin and stitch to the HOOD opening.


步 12:

Overlap the two seam allowances of the HOOD CUFF so one is behind the other. Apply the centre of the HOOD CUFF to the centre front of the garment.

Match the centre back of the HOOD with the centre back of the garment. Pin and stitch around.