Aziza Dressing Gown Tutorial

步 1:

Suitable for fleece/jersey/towelling fabric

Turn the SLEEVE cuff back 1.5cm to the RIGHT SIDE, 然后再将其折回 3 厘米.

Top stitch close to the edge on the RIGHT SIDE.

步 2:

Match the back SLEEVE armhole with the BACK, 右侧在一起.

引脚和线迹. Finish with either an overlocker or zig-zag stitch. 修剪缝份.

步 3:

Match the FRONT armhole with the front SLEEVE, 右侧在一起.

销, 缝合和前完成.

重复步骤 1-2 对于其他袖窿.

步 4:

与一起回来铺设前右侧, matching the side seam and SLEEVE seam allowances.

销, 缝合并完成.


步 5:

Finish the garment hemline using your preferred finishing method.

Turn the hemline towards the WRONG SIDE 1.5cm.

Topstitch to secure.

步 6:

Fold the length of the COLLAR in half RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin and stitch the two shorter ends. Clip the corners and trim down to 5mm.


步 7:

Match the raw edges of the COLLAR around the garment opening.

销, 缝合并完成.

Top stitch close to the seam from the RIGHT SIDE to secure the seam allowance flat.

步 8:

Lay the two WAISTBAND pieces RIGHT SIDES together.

Pin and stitch all around leaving a gap of approximately 10cm to turn right sides out.

Turn RIGHT SIDES out and press seams flat. Top stitch around the edges to hold flat and seal the 10cm opening.

Apply a piece of velcro to either side of the WAISTBAND at the ends, approximately 5cm long.

步 9:

Align the WAISTBAND with the underarm points.

Top stitch through the WAISTBAND and BACK to secure in place.