Clothing Range for DachshundsPattern Testing

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Clothing Range for Dachshunds - Pattern Testing


We are looking for pattern testers for a range of clothing especially for dachshunds.

If you would like to test one please use the form below to sign up!

我问的是,测试可以在两个星期内完成, 所以请确保你能承诺这个时间表.

作为回报,用于接收模式及其更新免费的, 10% 从网站上的所有图案优惠, pattern testers are required to send in feedback about the tutorial and pattern as well as images of the final make on their pet which may be used online.


Please indicate unit of measurement (mm, cm or inches)millimetrescentimetresinches
Body length from base of neck to base of tail
Measurement around widest part of chest
Neck circumference measured around base of neck

Please select the styles you would like to test:
sweaterraglan sleeve sweaterpyjamas夹克

所需的纸张尺寸: A4美国信纸

请确认您可以用书面反馈意见和图像内完成测试 2 weeks and give permission for images to be used online