Fell Stitch

Fell Stitch

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Fell Stitch

Use this stitch to secure seams from the right side. Often used to complete collars, waistbands and sleeves. You can also use it to finish hand-rolled hems and french seams.

To create a fell stitch, lay the folded edge of the top fabric onto the seam allowance of the fabric to be joined. Baste or pin in place. Work form right to left. Secure thread in place at beginning of work and take a small stitch directly across into adjoining fabric and take needle diagonally under the work and bring out again on the opposite side. Repeat and make another tiny stitch and again take the needle under diagonally. You will create tiny stitches on the top of the work and diagonal stitches on the under side.



WOOCS 2.1.9


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