George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern




George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern

George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern

The George Flat Cap is a classic hat which is surprisingly straight forward to assemble. Create in any woven fabric, the sky’s the limit for what you could do with this pattern!

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Printing instructions can be found here

All patterns come as full scale documents to allow you to print on different sized pages as well as A4 and US Letter sized documents.

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A 1.5cm seam allowance is included on all pattern pieces unless otherwise stated.

Available sizes are below, head circumference is in brackets.

CHILD: newborn (42.5cm /16 3/4″) / 3-6m (45cm / 17 3/4″) / 6-12m (47.5cm / 18 3/4″) / toddler (50cm / 19 3/4″) / zaza (53.5cm / 21 1/8″)

BADY EFA LEHIBE: small (56cm / 22 1/8″) / medium (58cm / 22 7/8″) / large (60cm / 23 5/8″) / extra large (62cm / 24 2/4″) / XXL (64cm / 25 1/4) / XXXL (66cm / 26″)

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The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - George Flat Cap PDF Sewing Pattern






Some pets enjoy wearing clothes and some DON’T

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Indications include:
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NEWBORN: Copyshop habe: 47cm x 21cm / A4: 3 / US Letter: 3

3-6 MONTHS: Copyshop habe: 49cm x 21cm / A4: 3 / US Letter: 3

6-12 MONTHS: Copyshop habe: 51cm x 25cm / A4: 3 / US Letter: 3

TODDLER: Copyshop habe: 57cm x 23cm / A4: 3 / US Letter: 3

CHILD: Copyshop habe: 54cm x 23cm / A4: 3 / US Letter: 3

SMALL: Copyshop habe: 54cm x 30cm / A4 Pages: 6 / US Letter: 6

MEDIUM: Copyshop habe: 72cm x 23cm / A4 Pages: 4 / US Letter: 4

LARGE: Copyshop habe: 66cm x 26cm / A4 Pages: 4 / US Letter: 8

EXTRA LARGE: Copyshop habe: 72cm x 28cm / A4 Pages: 8 / US Letter: 8

XX LARGE: Copyshop habe: 73cm x 30cm / A4 Pages: 8 / US Letter: 8

XXX LARGE: Copyshop habe: 75sm X 31cm / A4 Pages: 8 / US Letter: 8


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