Eloise的頂部 & 服裝教程

Eloise的頂部 & 服裝教程

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Eloise Top & Dress Tutorial

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Eloise Top & Dress Tutorial




Place the SHOULDER piece RIGHT SIDES together with the SHOULDER LINING.

Pin and stitch around the neckline and centre backs and along the shoulder seam allowances.

Clip and trim the curved seam allowances to allow them to lie flat once turned to the RIGHT SIDE.


Using a hand stitch or using the largest stitch on your machine, sew a line of straight stitch between the GATHER marks on the BACK piece. Sew midway along the seam allowance

Loop the thread in a figure of eight around a pin at one end then gently pull the thread to form the gathers. When you have gathered enough so the fabric fits between the GATHER marks on the SHOULDER piece, secure in a figure of eight around another pin.

Repeat for the FRONT.

隨著服裝反面出來, align the FRONT and BACK side seam allowances.
銷, 縫合並完成.

做完一側腋下部分. 上圖顯示了使用偏置的自定義切條的方法. 如果您在使用準備偏差,請配合您的寬度偏差. 對於自定義偏差會使你約. 4.5cm x 30cm long, you will need 2.

銷偏置條到位沿著腋下部分. 一個縫縫1.5厘米津貼.
在折疊帶偏見和周圍的毛邊隱瞞. 引腳到位錯誤的一邊. 用一隻手縫線,如跳針,以確保偏置到位或縫製頂部針跡接近接縫線.

Lay the FRONT and SHOULDER RIGHT SIDES together.
引腳和線跡. Remove the hand stitching that formed the gathers originally.
Finish the seam allowance using zig-zag stitch or an overlocker.

重複步驟 5 for the BACK and SHOULDER.
The SHOULDER centre back pieces will meet at the centre back of the BACK.

Complete the garment by adding a hook and eye or loop and button at the top centre back.
Finish the hem with a hemmer foot or create a rolled hem by hand.

Download the Eloise Top & Dress PDF Sewing Pattern here