How to Take Body Measurements

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - How to Take Body Measurements

How to take body measurements. If you are planning to make a garment for yourself using your personal measurements, it is important to have someone else measure you. It is otherwise impossible and you run the risk of taking inaccurate measurements which will lead to you creating something that doesn’t fit.

When taking measurements for someone else, ensure to take them carefully and accurately. Ask the client how the tape fees when measuring ensuring not to take measurements too tight or too loose. The tape should fit snugly.

Part of the finish of the final garment relies on accurate measurement taking at this stage.

Standard Sizes.
Clothing sizes can be represented in a number of ways and vary from country to country and between clothing ranges. You may find an item that fits you perfectly in one shop, yet in another a similar garment of same size does not. This is partly to do with the way garments are created. There are no set rules about what a ‘standard size’ is.

During the pattern drafting stage, a model is often bought in to act as the size guide. This also makes it easy to see how the finished garment will look and any design flaws can be pulled out. All the other sizes will then be graded from this size. Although models may be chosen of the same size, they have different body shapes and this could determine slightly different shapes per design. Perhaps why some people find certain items fit better than others too.

There is commonly 5cm between each size. For example, a size 10 waist might be 66cm and a size 12 would therefore be 71cm.

Bust, waist, hip and trouser lengths are often labelled in inches.

Body Measurement Chart.
View the chart above to see where to take measurements.

Its an idea to take a note of the measurements you will need for the specific pattern you will be drafting. This way you’re not taking unnecessary measurements. Your client might find it peculiar that you’re measuring the arm length when you are supposed to be making a skirt! This way you will also not forget any measurements that are important.