Swimwear Construction Method

Swimwear Construction Method

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Swimwear Construction Method
How to sew a swimsuit. Use in conjunction with the swimwear block, which you can draft using one of the two books below. Create your pattern and cut two sets of it, using the same colour or different colours. This method produces a reversible swimsuit, concealing all seams.

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Swimwear is best made on a machine, using only straight stitch and zig-zag. Straight stitch should only be used on areas that need reinforcement i.e. where tie loops are inserted. Everything else should be stitched with zig-zag for maximum stretch, avoiding the snapping of threads. Invest in a good quality polyester thread, as a natural fibre thread will quickly dissolve in chlorine or sea water!

Create the ties by cutting the required length x approx. 4cm. Fold in half and place a length of string along the inside fold. Attach this to the top with a couple of back stitches. Stitch a 1cm seam then turn inside out. Fold the raw edges inside and fell stitch to finish.

Construction Method:

1- Pin elastic to seam allowance and stitch using zig-zag stitch.

2- Stitch side seams.

3- Stitch crotch.