Trouser Construction Method

Trouser Construction Method

The Tailoress PDF Sewing Patterns - Trouser Construction Method

Some techniques you should be familiar with before starting:

tailors tacks


bar tack

slip stitch

catch stitch

fell stitch

hem stitch

continuous speed tailors tack


You will need to draft a trouser block. I suggest using one of the below books

to do this:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”dressmaking-book”]

Also take the time to learn about some basic pressing techniques

and consider acquiring some pressing equipment. It is a large part

of shaping the garment and giving it that professional finish and so

should be a high priority.

Some materials and other equipment you will need:

-fabric shears

-tailors chalk

-embroidery scissors



-stay tape

-tacking thread

-thread (same colour as garment fabric)



-buttons or other closures


Before constructing your Trouser


First of all, always make a test garment (toile) to ensure your

pattern is correct! You won’t need to apply all the pressing and

stitching techniques to making the toile, its just to see if the

pattern makes a garment that is to your liking and the style

and fit is good.

Construction Method

1- Darts.

2- Front and back pockets (leave front pocket and side seam unfinished).

3- Front closure.

4- Side seams, front pocket finishing.

5- Waistband.

6- Inseams.

7- Centre back seam,

8- Hems.